Denmark and France in partnership to advance personalised medicine

Publiceret 09-03-2023

Aviesan, the French National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health (Inserm) and the Danish National Genome Center (DNGC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), with the aim to work together on promoting faster and more successful advances in the implementation of personalised medicine in healthcare.

The MoU was signed by Bettina Lundgren, CEO at DNGC and Thomas Lombès, Vice CEO for strategy at Inserm.

France and Denmark share the ambition of developing and operating advanced genomic medicine in the national healthcare services and facilitate research within personalised medicine.

There are many similarities in the way Inserm and DNGC are organised. Therefore, it is of great advantage for both countries to enter into a partnership, to share knowledge and exchange relevant experiences and ideas.

“France will be an important partner in exchanging experience and expertise on how to advance and implement personalised medicine in healthcare to ensure that patients receive the best possible treatment. Our two countries have similar infrastructure setups and both countries focus on the clinical implementation of genomics directly into the healthcare system. Therefore, we hope to share experiences and learn from each other. I look very much forward to this collaboration”, says Bettina Lundgren, CEO of DNGC.

One of the main collaborative activities promoted under the MoU concerns exchanging experience and expertise on development of national informatics platforms for secure storage and sharing of data.

“As the French and the Danish genomic medicine initiatives both aim to implement genomic medicine in clinical setting, they have to address very similar challenges. The signature of this MoU gives us the opportunity to share experience and to build common approaches with our Danish colleagues in order to move forward quickly on different areas, such as the clinical output of Whole Genome Sequencing, medico-economic evaluation or data sharing”, says The French delegation about their expectations for the collaboration.

The MoU was signed by Bettina Lundgren, CEO at DNGC and Thomas Lombès, Vice CEO for strategy, by delegation of signature of Didier Samuel, Chairman and CEO Inserm, President Aviesan, at the French embassy to Denmark on march 6th 2023.

About the Danish National Genome Center

  • DNGC is an agency under the Ministry of the Interior and Health, supporting the development of personalised medicine in collaboration with the Danish healthcare system, research institutions, and patient organisations.
  • The DNGC develops and operates a national infrastructure for personalised medicine, including a national infrastructure for performing whole genome sequencing and storing of information in a national genome database, and a national research infrastructure supporting the further development of personalised medicine.

About Aviesan, the French National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health

  • Aviesan, the French National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health, is an umbrella organisation in France which notably leads and delivers the 2025 French Genomic Medicine Initiative (PFMG 2025).
  • PFMG 2025 is a national initiative which aims to position France as a leading country in the area of personalised medicine, to prepare for the integration of genomic medicine into the healthcare pathway and to establish a national genomic medicine framework capable of driving scientific and technological innovation.