Genomic Medicine Sweden and Danish National Genome Center in partnership to advance precision medicine

Publiceret 29-04-2022

Genomic Medicine Sweden and the Danish National Genome Center has signed an agreement with the aim to advance genomics and precision medicine and its implementation in healthcare. The joint partnership will focus on the development and implementation of innovative solutions and models to provide genomic-based precision medicine at a national level.

“Denmark and Sweden have many similarities in our respective healthcare systems, but also differences to learn from. The Danish National Genome Center, the Danish equivalent to Genomic Medicine Sweden will be an important partner in developing and exchanging experience and expertise on how to continue advance and implement precision medicine for the benefit of our patients and societies”, says Richard Rosenquist Brandell, Director for Genomic Medicine Sweden.

And Bettina Lundgren, CEO of the Danish National Genome Center continues: ”We look very much forward to share experiences with our Swedish neighbors. The MoU will facilitate further collaborative activities to help tackle some of our common challenges in implementing personalized medicine, such as within standardization as well as storage of and access to genomic data. Working together will ensure that patients receive the best treatment possible”.

In this strategic partnership, the Danish National Genome Center and Genomic Medicine Sweden will share experience of the implementation of genomics and precision medicine approaches in healthcare and mutually demonstrate the clinical utility of genomic medicine for different diseases. This partnership will promote faster and more successful advances by building common approaches for implementation of precision diagnostics and precision medicine in healthcare. This includes solutions and models for data processing and sharing, ethical issues and health economy.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by Bettina Lundgren and Richard Rosenquist Brandell during the Nordic Precision Medicine Forum in Stockholm on April 28th where they took part to discuss the future developments of precision medicine.

About Danish National Genome Center

  • The Danish National Genome Center (DNGC) is an agency under the Ministry of Health, supporting the development of personalised medicine in collaboration with the Danish healthcare system, research institutions, and patient organisations.
  • The DNGC develops and runs a joint, national infrastructure for personalised medicine, including a national infrastructure for performing genome sequencing and storing of information in a national genome database, and a national research infrastructure supporting the further development of personalised medicine.

About Genomic Medicine Sweden

  • Genomic Medicine Sweden (GMS) is the Swedish national infrastructure in genomic-based precision medicine aimed at ensuring that patients in Sweden have equal access to cost-effective genetic analysis to facilitate improved diagnostics and thereby more personalised care, treatment and prevention.
  • GMS is currently building an IT-infrastructure for the secure sharing of data between regional health authorities and with academia.
  • GMS is one of the national initiatives that will play a vital role in achieving Sweden´s stated ambition of becoming a leading life science nation.